14 Mar 2012

Well, second entry in a day!

So far I've had one cyber person tell me this text appears in Dutch...I cannot seem to get rid of it, and make the page fully in English.  Australian friends have not mentioned any problems, though.

Another friend says I need a widget thingy to follow other blogs...mmmm...this is opening up a whole other world!

Tonight MOTH has gone out to a work function.  Some business dinner. Kids and me at home alone. (admittedly I am at home with our lovely Guard, his wife (our housekeeper) and their two littlies...so I'm not quite alone I guess.)

We have had dinner...all miraculously cleaned away while I was sitting and eating dinner with the children!! I think I can get used to that bit that's for sure!!

We have been waiting on and off all day for a workman from the furniture shop to come and assemble a fold out sofa I bought on Monday.  This fold out sofa is for our driver to sleep on if he needs to stay late, and it then folds up out of the way when it is not being slept on.  The shop just rang (at 2015h) to say they'd be here at 2100h to install it!!!!! I am not sure quite what they have to "install"...as it looks incredibly straight forward to me, but they offered, and it was no extra, so why would I argue?

It is a very different set up here with the shops...of course!! Shops here generally do not open until 10 am. Some grocery stores do open at 8 or 9 am.  The street food vendors are open 24 hours...eat there at your peril though!!! Schools here seem to have shifts - a way of rationing resources for the masses.  My driver just laughs at me now when I want to turn up early...he says, "Maaam, no open until ten". Duh!! I forget...every time!! Everything is then open until at least 10pm...every single night...even all the shopping centres! Later on weekends. The food courts are lined with great restaurants, so shopping here really can be a marathon affair!! I guess it is one way of creating jobs and spreading out the crowds.

The school hours the children keep are also amazing...some start at 0630!!!! There is no way in the world I could get my kids sorted to be out the door for school by that time!  Amazing.

Anyhow, we'll see if this guy shows...

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