18 Mar 2012

Being sick is never fun...for anyone.  I've been holed up in bed for all of Sunday with a buggy-lurgie thing, and wish I could crawl back there today too...but the call of children, school, pre-work commitments, household chores all call.  One of the cool things I did discover while I was laying in bed trying to not feel so miserable was that we have a resident squirrel!  He (or she) frightened me the first time I caught a glimpse of it...it is soooo darn quick!  And, I wasn't sure what it was.  But it seems to live in the big tree just outside of our bedroom windows.  We do not have squirrels in Australia, and I must admit I more associate them with North America or Britain. I would not have thought that they would be residents here. Anyhow, it put on a skittish show for a few minutes then scampered off.  Too cute!!

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